Swedish metal band Arch Enemy released his latest album “War Eternal” in 2014. On this album the band made a vocalist change. Alissa White-Gluz joined to band as a vocalist.

And then, legendary guitarist Jeff Loomis joined the band. Now they have a very exciting line-up.

Frontwoman Alissa White-Gluz spoke to Dukascopy TV and told about the anticipations for the upcoming album.

“Now we actually have even a newer addition to the band, which is Jeff Loomis on guitar, so fans can look forward to hearing his soloing style on the album. I’m really excited to hear his contributions to the album as well. I think he really inspires Michael and vice versa. Even in just the backstage, they’re always jamming together and writing stuff together.

We also have Sharlee [D’Angelo, bass] and Daniel [Erlandsson, drums], who also both play guitar, so they also write riffs and help to arrange songs and stuff like that. And, you know, with every year that passes, as human beings, we experience new things and new thoughts, and I always put those down in poems, so I have a collection of poems that I can turn into lyrics for the upcoming album as well. We all have new things that we learn as we get older, and always try to bring that in, all while maintaining the sound that is Arch Enemy, that Arch Enemy fans know and love, because that’s what we know and love too. We don’t wanna change the sound completely, but we’re obviously open to incorporating new sounds.”