Mark Tremonti, the guitarist of Alter Bridge, said many things in an interview with “From Hero To Zero”. According to Tremonti, the internet has changed everything. He also said that these changes are good and bad. He said:

“The internet has changed things in a lot of bad ways, but a lot of good ways. Back when we first started, you tried to get your demo on a local radio station and tried to get a record deal, and try to expose yourself by touring around close to where you live.

Now, it’s a whole new game. When people ask me advice on how to get started, it’s the Wild Wild West, you don’t know how to do it anymore.”

Tremonti said something about how bad the album sales are. He giving private lessons even on concert days just because he need extra income. He said:

“Records don’t sell as much anymore, so bands like us rely on live ticket sales, merchandising. It’s a different world. You just have to work harder. I personally give guitar lessons on show days.

We used to not have these big meet-and-greets, now we did just the other day, we had 150 people at our meet-and-greets for VIP packages. You just have to put in the time, but the good thing about it is you get better personal relationships with your fans. You see some of the fans throughout whole tours and they’re fans for life.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.