Alter Bridge singer, and also frontman of Slash’s solo band, Myles Kennedy was the interview guest of The Paltrocast to reveal some informations about his rock and metal background.

Myles also said that Gojira is taking metal to the next level these days. You can read the related part of the interview below.

Interviewer asked how he felt into guitar playing and metal music, and Myles responded:

“[Van Halen’s 1978 debut] ‘Van Halen,’ that was the one for me. When I heard ‘Eruption,’ it was clear that the spark had been created, that changed for me, and many other guitar players at that point in time.

I think Eddie Van Halen single-handedly created an entire guitar army, really.”

Interviewer asked:

“Who are some of the bands these days that you think are carrying on that tradition of Van Halen and Led Zeppelin, if there is anyone?”

Myles responded:

“It’s different. I think there are bands that are continuing to break new grounds, and that’s really what I loved about Van Halen when I first heard them.

Zeppelin as well. They were kind of paving the way, it was a fresh approach that we haven’t heard at the time.

You could say the same thing, even though it’s very different from Van Halen or Led Zeppelin, but that’s how I feel about a band like Gojira, they’re taking metal and really taking it to the next stage.

And it’s such incredible work, I think their records and their visuals, production, live, there’s a really artistic element to it, so they’re an important band for the scene.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source.