The lead guitarist of Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti, spoke out in a recent interview with Ultimate-Guitar and shared how the music industry will change after the coronavirus epidemic.

The coronavirus is affected the whole world by causing long lockdown days for everyone in the world. During these crazy times, the music industry is facing massive damage because almost every band and musician decided to postpone or cancel their tours.

The interviewer asked ‘what effect will COVID have on the avenues bands have to make money,’ Mark responded:

“I have no idea. We’ve been trying to go through so many challenges since I started in this business, I mentioned about the internet coming out and record sales slowly slowed down, and it went from something that would make us all profit to something that almost completely disappeared.

So we had to rethink the way we ran our business and add a lot more fan experiences and stuff like that. Bands used to get up on stage, play a show, and go home. Now, we wake up; I do a guitar clinic, I go do a meet & greet, I do a soundcheck party, I do photos and signing, then warmup, dinner, show, then meeting people after the show.”

He continued:

“So it’s a non-stop kind of thing. I enjoy doing it that way because when I’m away from my kids, I want to be continually working. But we’ve gotten to be much more interactive with our fans. I think that’s helped develop a rock-solid fan base for us.

Our fans are as die-hard as you could ever get. I feel like every show I lookout, and there are familiar faces all around the world. I don’t think that would happen if you’re one of those bands that just get on stage, and there is this mystique of, ‘We’re on stage, and you’re in the crowd’ like back in the ’80s.

Nobody ever ran into their favorite bands – they were these mysterious creatures of the night that got on stage and entertained you. Nowadays, it’s much more personal.”

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