Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti announced the release of a new music video for ‘Marching In Time’ via his official Instagram account.

‘A Dying Machine’ is the last record that Mark dropped back in 2018, and he hasn’t released any solo material since then. Last month, he revealed that he will be releasing a new album under the name Tremonti.

‘Marching In Time’ is the title of Mark’s forthcoming solo studio album, and it will be the fifth solo album of the guitarist. The album will feature a total of twelve songs, and it is set to be released in September 2021.

In July, Tremonti released the first single from the album, named ‘If Not For You.’ Just some hours ago, Tremonti finally dropped another single on YouTube, which is the album’s title track, ‘Marching In Time,’ and encouraged his followers to check it out through his social media.

The 7-minute-long song features lots of heavy riffs and vocals by Mark Tremonti. Eric Friedman is accompanying Mark in the guitars, and Ryan Bennett is playing the drums. Also, Tanner Keegan is on the bass guitar.

Here is the tracklist of ‘Marching In Time’:

01. A World Away
02. Now And Forever
03. If Not For You
04. Thrown Further
05. Let That Be Us
06. The Last One Of Us
07. In One Piece
08. Under The Sun
09. Not Afraid To Lose
10. Bleak
11. Would You Kill
12. Marching In Time

Mark Tremonti announced in the caption of his Instagram post the following:

“If you haven’t checked it out yet, the new video is out! Hope you dig it, all the best…”

You can check out the music video below.