Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti joined an interview with Metal Talk and shared his feelings about working with his own band, Tremonti. The musician compared being a singer and frontman in his own band.

Actually, the guitarist planned to work on his solo records apart from his works in Alter Bridge but then he decided to found a new band named Tremonti to continue his projects. The band’s lineup consists of Eric Friedman, Ryan Bennett, and Tanner Keegan whose harmony was appreciated a lot by metalheads.

Tremonti has released five studio albums for now and Tremonti performed not only as a lead guitarist but also as a vocalist in the records. During his interview, Tremonti stated that he loves singing and it’s less stressful than being an iconic band’s guitarist but he has different thoughts about being a frontman.

According to the guitarist, he doesn’t like being a frontman because it also requires him to be an entertainer who can improvise in various situations as a part of live performances. Mark Tremonti mentioned that it’s impossible for him to practice this in between shows so he wants to be on the side of the stage not under the spotlight.

Tremonti said in his interview that:

“Well, in the Tremonti band, I love singing. Singing to me is a lot of fun. I don’t feel the pressures that I feel with guitar playing when I sing. Singing is just a natural thing. You sing your best, you do all you can do, and at this point in my career, I don’t think I’m under fire as a singer as much as I would be as a guitar player.

So all the stuff I get to do, it’s like a judgment-free zone when I get to sing… What I don’t like doing is being a frontman. I don’t like having to entertain in-between songs. That’s something that I’m sure I’ll get better at over the years but that’s something that is just not my type of personality.

I like to be the guy on the side, playing my role; I like singing and playing, but as soon as I’ve got to do the talking in between, that’s the tough part. That’s something you can’t practice, you just got to do it on stage.”

You can watch the interview below.