Mark Tremonti recently talked about his favorite ’80s rock bands and musicians to Metal Edge Mag. He expressed his opinions on Ozzy Osbourne’s ’80s era and named his favorite album.

Ozzy Osbourne is undoubtedly one of the most iconic rock and roll world names. Even people who are not familiar with the genre recognize his name and possibly his unique style and controversial stage performances. His iconic looks with his oval black glasses, long hair, and black aesthetics have indeed left a mark.

He has been an inspiration in the rock and roll world to those musicians that came after him. Even though he battled drug addiction most of his career, musicians knew his music would always stay inspiring. After leaving Black Sabbath at the end of the ’70s, he established a successful solo career and was named ‘The Prince of Darkness.’

He is undoubtedly a topic of discussion, so Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti discussed his appearance and music after he began working solo. He reflected upon how he got lost in the ’80s glam world and named his favorite Ozzy album as ‘Ultimate Sin’ even though he had once read that Ozzy didn’t like it that much. Mark added that ‘Killer of Giants’ was one of his favorite songs ever.

Here are Mark Tremonti’s words about Osbourne:

“We usually think of Ozzy as heavy metal, but there was a point in the mid-’80s where he kind of fell into that glam world. Like the ‘Ultimate Sin’ album, which I loved. When people ask, ‘What’s your favorite Ozzy record?’ I say that one. And they’ll say, ‘But there are so many better records…’ But back then, when you were a kid, you could only afford a certain amount of records, you know? And that was the one I owned, so I played it all the time. I knew every word and every note. And ‘Killer of Giants’ was one of my favorite songs ever.

And you know, another thing about that record is that you have Jake E. Lee on guitar. Jake was awesome. His style is so recognizable – you hear it, and you hear Jake E. Lee, you hear his personality. He’s got a big personality in his playing, and it’s all over ‘The Ultimate Sin.’ I think I read somewhere that Ozzy didn’t really like that album too much. But I love it.”

You can listen to Tremonti’s favorite Ozzy Osbourne song below.