Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy spoke in an interview with Nothing Shocking and why he admires and respects rock icon David Bowie.

He talked on his debut solo album “Year of the Tiger” and also mentioned about David Bowie. Here’s the statement:

“I think that because I play in bands with guitar players who are very different and my playing style is also very different from theirs, so when I stepped out to do my solo record, I had that to help differentiate the sounds.

Also, somebody that I really admired and always respected the way he approached his career — his kind of chameleon approach — was David Bowie. He had this ability to kind of transform himself and be appropriate in whatever style he chose to step into, and that was something that was important to me if I was going to try this — to experiment with my inflections and experiment with the range that I would use in a given project, and kind of have a sonic characteristic so that it was varied enough…

But at the same time, retaining the sonic hallmarks of my voice to where it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, who’s that?’ I wanted it to be like, ‘Well, that’s Myles, but he’s doing something a little different here.'”

He also talked about the importance of finding your voice and said:

“I think that when you’re trying to find out who you are as an artist, especially as a singer, because it’s such an important part of the equation — how you use your voice and the inflections and the timbre of it…

My voice is an interesting entity in that it’s pretty elastic, to the point where it can almost be a problem if you’re trying to establish who you are in the musical landscape. There were periods in my career where I was listening to specific artists a lot, and vocally I would start to kind of mimic that, and I’d catch myself and be, like, ‘You’ve got to pull the reins in here.

This isn’t what you’re trying to do.’ What you want to do is find your voice, find out who you are, establish your identity, because that’s all you can do to kind of leave something behind. It took me a really long time to get that figured out, and it was just through trial and error, essentially — just experimenting.”

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