During a recent interview with Appetite for Distortion, Alter Bridge’s lead vocalist and guitarist Myles Kennedy recalled the time when he auditioned for Led Zeppelin and the sadness he felt upon realizing that he’ll never again have the chance to jam with the band that created his favorite song of all time.

Back in 2008, Robert Plant decided not to perform any more shows with Led Zeppelin and the remaining members of the band started holding auditions so as to hire a lead vocalist. It was later revealed that the band auditioned three candidates; Myles Kennedy, Steven Tyler, and Sammy Hagar.

During a recent interview, Kennedy recalled that audition and described it as an ‘incredible experience.’ Myles said that it was so amazing to play some of his favorites songs of Led Zeppelin with the band itself, the musicians contributed immensely to his ‘musical evolution.’ He went on to give an example by saying that ‘The Rain Song‘ is not only his favorite LZ song but his favorite song of all time.

While playing that song with Led Zeppelin, it actually hit him that he was jamming with the band he’s loved so much since he was young. At the point that ‘John Paul Jones comes in with the descending mellotron part’ Kennedy felt so emotional and overwhelmed that he had to step back from the microphone because it dawned on him that ‘no matter what you do from this point forward, it may never feel quite like this.’

Here’s what Myles Kennedy said during his recent interview:

“Well, we did stand in a room together and played a fair amount of those songs. I never thought of it like I was playing with Led Zeppelin. For me, it was always Jason [Bonham], and Jimmy, and John Paul Jones. And I don’t think they were really sure if it was going to happen and what they would have even called it. I don’t think they were going to call it Led Zeppelin.

But it was definitely an incredible experience, especially considering how important that band was for me in my musical evolution. One moment that I think of often was having the opportunity to play arguably my favorite Led Zeppelin song – ‘The Rain Song,’ and that was a really heavy moment. That was the moment where suddenly it dawned on me what was actually happening.”

He went on to say:

“I’d come back, we’d done one jam session in early June of 2008, and then I came back again, and I think it was September after I’ve done a tour with Alter Bridge, we reconvened in London.

And during one of those rehearsals, we were playing ‘The Rain Song’ and because that song is so beautiful and so haunting, I think we got to the second verse, whichever verse it is where John Paul Jones comes in with the descending mellotron part, and that’s when it hit me.

And I literally had to pull away from the mic. My eyes are welling up and goosebumps and that was the moment of realization, ‘You were playing arguably your favorite song of all time with the guys who created it.’ And, ‘This is insane. No matter what you do from this point forward, it may never feel quite like this.’ And so I hold on to that memory dearly.”

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