Amarth guitarist Johan Soderberg spoke in a recent interview with Metal Covenant, and revealed some details about their future plans and goals.

He said that ‘we want to have the AC/DC style’, here’s the full statement:

“That’s our style, you know, to keep the same concept. We want to have the AC/DC style and not change, although we change a little, but there isn’t any bigger change.”

Interviewer asked:

“Amon Amarth music is heavy, fast and melodic. How many albums can a band make with this kind of style without having to change more than you have done on the last couple of albums?”

Johan continued:

“I think we could go on forever. Just look at AC/DC, you know. They’ve been doing their style since forever. They’re not changing anything. And nor does Slayer, really.

I think it’s good to have your own style, so people recognize it, like, ‘This is Amon Amarth and they sound like this.’ If you look at a blues artist, blues is always the same chords; it’s just different sounds, you know.”

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