Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee joined an interview with SiriusXM and revealed the details of the band’s highly-anticipated new album, ‘The Bitter Truth.’

As you might recall, earlier this year, Evanescense star Amy Lee announced the band’s new album was planned to be released within 2020. On April 24th, they released the album’s first single ‘Wasted On You‘ and the music video was actually shot by the band members’ phones at their homes during the self-quarantine days.

Recently, Amy Lee joined a conversation with SiriusXM to talk about the current status of the upcoming Evanescence album and she revealed that they actually are not done with writing and recording.

Here’s what Amy Lee stated about the album’s current situation:

“We’re still writing, but we’re also recording. We got four songs down and then we really had to just be apart, and that was kind of good, but kind of hard.

We just worked remotely for a while; we got the American band members back together and after getting Covid-19 tests and tour buses brought guys from both coasts, we all holed up in Nick Raskulinecz – our producer – at his private studio.

So we were quarantining together for a little over a month and let me tell you, after not having the option of being together when we had wanted to so much and having so much isolation before that, the fact that we had created a safe way to get together just totally made it more meaningful and more passionate.

The guys have gone home now and we’re working with Jen remotely, but now I’m still here, finishing lyrics, working on keyboards, working on vocals. So we’re still ongoing.”

Moreover, Amy answered questions about what the fans should expect from the much-anticipated new album by comparing the band’s 2017 album ‘Synthesis’ and explained:

“It’s definitely not orchestral – we haven’t put a single string down yet. There’s a lot of guitars; we’re kind of letting the pendulum swing back.

We went that way, and that was beautiful. That was special, that experience with ‘Synthesis,’ but that’s all really just been setting us up to come back in full force with the more rock side of who we are.

So I’m honestly enjoying the sound design and programming and synthesizers a lot more than the idea of a live orchestra right now. It doesn’t mean that we won’t find something where we’re like, ‘We need a little string section on this,’ or whatever, but we haven’t reached that point yet.”

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