Recently, Evanescence singer Amy Lee has released a children album “Dream Too Much” on September 30. 

SongFacts recently conducted an interview with Amy Lee and talked about latest single track of Evanescence, when realesed 2011, entitled “The End of the Dream”. She says:

“How about “The End of the Dream.” That’s a song that fans ask us about a lot. It’s nearly impossible to sing, not because it’s so high, but because the notes are so long. You need an extra pair of lungs to actually sing it. Live, with all the running around, it’s really not do-able.

I love the song. We all do. I remember writing it, and that whole experience writing the album was very different. It came from a lot of different places and all came together in one spot, if that makes sense, as a band.”

You can click here to read all interview. Also listen the music of her mentioned below.