Evanescence’s iconic frontwoman Amy Lee recently posted a photo on her Instagram account and celebrated the release of the bands latest albumThe Bitter Truth‘ which the fans have been excitedly expecting for the past year.

As you know, Evanescence released their latest album ‘Synthesis’ back in 2017, and since then they have all, especially Amy Lee, been through some challenging times, including the pandemic. However, the band members decided to channel their feelings to creating music, and back in 2020, they had announced that they’ve started working on a new album.

The band’s fifth studio album ‘The Bitter Truth‘ was finally released just some hours ago, and it has already been praised by both fans and critics. Amy Lee had been doing a countdown for the past week, exciting her fans even more, and now that the album has been released, she posted a photo in which she can be seen raising her glass of wine, and she said ‘and there it is.’

That’s what Amy Lee said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“And there it is. Cheers everybody 🥂”

Click here to check out Amy Lee’s recent Instagram post and you can listen to ‘The Bitter Truth‘ on Spotify below.