Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee joined an interview with WRIF radio and shared the details of why they waited nine years to release their new album, ‘The Bitter Truth,’ as the follow-up to 2011’s self-titled album.

Back in 2011, Evanescence released their third studio album ‘Evanescence,’ which mostly received positive reviews from music critics. However, the fans have been desperately waiting for new music from the band.

Earlier this year, Amy Lee announced Evanescence‘s new album named ‘The Bitter Truth‘ was planned to be released within 2020. The album’s first single ‘Wasted On You‘ released on April 24th along with a music video that was shot by the band members’ phones at their homes during the self-quarantine days.

In a recent conversation for WRIF radio, Amy Lee answered questions about the creating process of the new Evanescence album and revealed the reasons why it took so long to record another album. According to Lee’s statements, having her first child was one of the things in her life that gave her a new perspective which eventually caused her to look for some different roads.

Here’s what Amy Lee stated about the reasons for the long break between two albums:

“The space between the third album and this one, a lot of it was I wanted to go down some different creative roads. I had my first and only child, Jack. And I did some film-score stuff.

I kind of thought that becoming a mom would make me not wanna work — as I’d just wanna focus only on being a mom, but it actually just gave me so much — I don’t know — perspective. Like, you get a different perspective, and suddenly, as a creative person, you just think of different things that you wanna do, because your mind’s working in a different way.

I made a kids album with my family, worked on a couple of different movie things, and some little solo things. And I just found other ways to be creative. And then by the time the band got back together, we got Jen who’s a beautiful, amazing addition to our band…

We got Jen in 2015, and we started just touring again and really enjoying playing again. That was the first step back — just play shows and get into it and remember who you are and everything that this is and can be, with our fan community and just the whole world of what it is.

Additionally, Amy mentioned how ‘Synthesis’ made them realized that they were finally ready for a new album:

“And then we did the ‘Synthesis’ thing together, with a full orchestra and a lot of the electronic stuff, and just took our music into a different place with a different focus, which was challenging and fun and different. And then it was, like, ‘Okay, we’re ready.’ So we just started doing writing sessions. So it’s just been a long but natural road, just following what feels good.”

Amy Lee continued:

I can’t tell you how much fire we all have, but I — I can speak for myself — really had about making this music right now with my band. It’s coming at a time when I need it very much, and a lot of the feelings that I pour into the music for the band are about a struggle — about going through something that’s difficult, and I’m processing it, or raging against.

And this is a time where I feel those feelings, and I know a lot of people in the world do too. So I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

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