In the final episode of Revolver’s ‘Point of Entry’ series, Evanescence‘s Amy Lee shared her thoughts on their debut album and chose a standout track from their entire catalog.

Like most bands, Evanescence also focused on writing and producing a new album amid the restrictions the pandemic has placed on people worldwide. The band released their fifth album titled ‘The Bitter Truth’ on March 26, 2021. This album was a huge commercial success for the band and even peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hard Rock charts.

They were set to hit the road on the ‘World Collide Tour’ to promote the album. However, they had to postpone the scheduled dates as the pandemic kept getting ahead of large crowds. After their tour got delayed, they went on a tour with Halestorm, which was well-received by fans.

When asked to choose her favorite song from Evanescence’s entire catalog, Amy Lee said she would select a track from their latest album, ‘The Bitter Truth.’ She added that their debut album ‘Fallen’ was not their best work, and they got better after it came out. Lee talked about ‘Broken Pieces Shine,’ the first track from their latest album. She noted that the song represents similar people who are different and have experienced difficulties in life.

Amy Lee’s thoughts on Evanescence’s sound getting better after their first album:

It wouldn’t be from the first album. I feel like we got better after that. It seems weird to pick something off our new album [2021’s The Bitter Truth], but I think I would. I think it’d probably be the first track off the new album, ‘Broken Pieces Shine.’ I feel that encapsulates something thematically and lyrically that is very us. There’s something about being the different ones, the broken ones, and the people who have been through something. Those are our people.”

You can listen to ‘Broken Pieces Shine’ below.