During a recent conversation with Kerrang! magazine, Evanescence’s iconic frontwoman Amy Lee talked about the band’s upcoming album ‘Bitter Truth,’ and explained why they decided to end an album marked anger and grief on a note of hope while describing the amount of work and love that they put into it.

As you probably know, for the past year Evanescence has been teasing their fans about their upcoming album ‘Bitter Truth,’ and some weeks ago, they finally announced that it will be released on March 26. While their fans have been excitedly waiting for the band’s album, Evanescence released six singles, the latest one being ‘Better Without You.’

While waiting for the album to be released, the band’s frontwoman Amy Lee has been giving out interviews during which she explains the sentimental value of this album, her creative process, and what this album represents. In her recent interview, she disclosed that ‘Bitter Truth’ can be described as a ‘journey through grief,’ which encouraged the interviewer to ask why it ends on a hopeful note then.

Amy Lee said that ending the album with ‘Blind Belief‘ was deliberate because they wanted to give out the message that the human race will survive these challenging times marked by COVID-19 and political clashes. She said that the message is clear; ‘we do need love over all.’ She went on to say that the whole album explores the journey through grief, anger, and pain, but the final song represents acceptance and release.

The iconic frontwoman went on to say that ‘Bitter Truth’ is one of the albums that she’s the proudest of as they ‘left nothing behind on this one.’ She added that she definitely hopes that people will like it but even if they don’t, she knows that she won’t feel sad or disillusioned because she did her best, and as a matter of fact, she put herwhole self into it.’

Here’s what Amy Lee said during the interview when asked about why they concluded the album with ‘Blind Belief’:

“I believe it’s in us as a human race to survive this time. Absolutely, I believe we will get through this. But, of course, I don’t know for sure. Ending the album with ‘Blind Belief’ was deliberate, particularly the line ​’love over all,’ because that’s impossibly hard to say, especially when we’ve seen the evil that’s crept out of the dark corners in broad daylight in the last few years. Not that we’ve never seen that before, but it’s just been so in our face, especially as Americans.

Even so, I believe we do need love over all. It should be simple, but it is complicated. The album is a journey through grief, among other things. The ending is reaching that seemingly impossible point of acceptance. Forgiveness, honor, remembrance, and love over all. And when I come to the end of all those feelings – including the rage, the grief, all of that all mixed up – I feel released. I feel like I want to step into the future.”

This is what she said about the album overall:

“We left nothing behind on this one, so I hope people like it. And if they don’t? No regrets from me. I’ll tell you this: I put my whole self into it.”

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