During a recent interview with Altpress, Evanescence singer Amy Lee criticized Gene Simmons’ controversial comments about the female rock bands.

Gene is not only a musician that you will listen to, he also shapes the topics around the industry with his thoughts. For many years, he had been calling out the ‘rock is dead’ motto. Now, he claimed that female rock bands are a genre in the same interview he had recently.

Due to this comment, Amy Lee got furious and wanted to show that the iconic bass guitarist misspoken. Therefore, she won’t be taking seriously any type of comment that includes sex segregation.

While Amy was saying that making such a bold comment about women is a massive problem, she also pointed out that they can fix this problem by only separating these kinds of people from the community.

Amy Lee said:

“In that same article where he said that he says something more offensive. He totally called being a woman in rock, like a female rock band, a ‘genre.’ They’re making cool things, but, you know, for ‘the female genre.’ Everything else you ever say, I’m done listening to you.

And I think that’s part of the massive problem. Eventually, the way that we fix this is that those people will no longer be involved in this community, and the young generation and trailblazers like all of yourselves will continue to support this message of: ‘Fuck it, don’t ‘female front’ me.’ That’s not a genre.”

Later in the conversation, Amy Lee also talked about what is going before they go on the stage and revealed that she always got excited while getting back to the stage.