Evanescence frontwoman and founder, Amy Lee, posted a couple of new photos on his official Instagram account today and revealed the story of how she put her life in danger while shooting cover arts for their new album named ‘The Bitter Truth.’

According to the caption of the photo, last November, Amy began chatting with the photographer of the cover art, and she sent him a sketch that she drew where she’s standing at the edge of the cliff. Later on, they would able to find a cliff in Nashville and he had to jump over a 3 to the 4-foot gap that goes to the ground.

After sharing the photo, over 50K Evanescence and Amy Lee fans pushed the like button on the post. According to the caption, the photos were taken by famous photographer Nick Fancher who is about the release his first-ever book named ‘The Creative Portrait: A Photographer’s Guide to Innovative Lighting and Camera Techniques.’

Here is what Amy Lee wrote in the caption:

“To get this photo for the album art, we had to drive an hour, hop a fence, hike through the woods, and then I had to (very carefully) jump over a 3 to 4-foot gap that goes all the way down to the water.

Sometimes when you have a vision in your head, you do whatever it takes to bring it to life. The feeling when you do is like nothing else.”

You can check out the photo below.

Photo Credit: Amy Lee – Instagram