During a recent interview with Courtney LaPlante for Revolver Magazine, Evanescence’s iconic frontwoman Amy Lee talked about the band’s recently released album and discussed how it has helped them ‘connect with people that don’t speak the same language’ but share the same feelings.

As you probably know, the band released their fifth studio album ‘The Bitter Truth’ just a couple of weeks ago on March 26, and it’s safe to say that it has already achieved widespread critical acclaim. ‘The Bitter Truth’ marks the band’s first album of all-new material in a decade, since their self-titled album which was released in 2011.

The band’s new album received generally positive reviews and most of them praised the way in which Evanescence explored their old material in an entirely fresh way. In addition to that, critics praised the sentimental value of the record and the mixture of feelings that arise upon listening to ‘The Bitter Truth.’

During her recent interview with Courtney LaPlante, Amy Lee talked about the power of music and how their album helped them connect with people all around the world. She said that music has the ability to speak ‘a broader language than language’ itself which helps musicians connect with people from all around the world and observe how their music ‘has a real emotional impact’ on them.

She went on to say that when she herself listens to ‘The Bitter Truth,’ she comes out of it ‘feeling empowered and like anything is possible’ but that during the creative process of the album, she needed to ‘work through a lot of those feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability.’ However, she finished her answer by saying that it’s vulnerability and uncertainty that will connect people to each other because it’s a shared experience.

Here’s what Amy Lee said during the interview about the power of music:

“That’s what’s cool about music is it’s speaking a broader language than language. To get to connect with people that don’t speak the same language and to see that has a real emotional impact on somebody. It’s one of the coolest things about getting to do what we do is feeling like you’re tapped into something that’s bigger than yourself.

It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to connect to people, especially when I think back to, well, every writing moment, really, but especially in the very beginning, when I was just a weird, lonely kid in high school writing in my room by myself. For that to turn into such a connection point between people. Between people that I am not a part of that triangle and that are just for the music to be part of something that we’ve tapped into that’s connected souls. It’s the coolest part of all of it.”

She went on to say:

“When I listen to our album, I come away from it feeling empowered and like anything is possible, but to go through what it takes to write and do all those things all along the way, I’m really trying to sort through and work through a lot of those feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability and just the everyday struggles too, the biggest events in my life.

And I think that if we’re really being honest, that’s the thing. That’s what’s going to connect us. Nobody really just wakes up feeling like a hero every day. If they do, that’s awesome, good for you.”

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