Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee showed her gratefulness to the fans by sharing a new photo of herself on Instagram and thanked them for their kind messages.

Yesterday, Amy Lee celebrated her 39th birthday, and her dear followers didn’t forget this special day. Her devoted fans shared their good wishes for Amy by leaving comments in her posts as well as sending direct messages on her social media accounts.

After seeing lots of great comments, Amy Lee wanted to thank her followers and posted a Christmas themed picture to address them. In the caption of her post, Lee stated that she loves all of her fans and added that she will take any excuse to dress weird and eat cake, especially this year.

As you can see in the picture below, Amy was wearing a black t-shirt that suits her body and reveals her natural beauty. She was wearing no makeup at all but still looking gorgeous with her green-lighted earrings.

Here is what Amy Lee said in the caption of her post:

“Thank you for all the birthday love. This year in particular I’ll take any excuse to dress weird and eat cake! Love you all! Stay classy. ☮️”

You can check out the post below.