During a recent interview with Kerrang! magazine Evanescence’s frontwoman, Amy Lee, talked about the band’s upcoming album and in specific the song ‘Broken Pieces Shine‘ which she said that they wrote as an anthem from the band to their devoted fans.

Evanescence fans have been relentlessly waiting for the band’s new album ‘Bitter Truth‘ which will be released on March 26, 2021. To excite their fans even more, the band has already released six singles from their new album, the latest one being ‘Better Without You‘ which was praised by both fans and critics.

Amy Lee recently gave an extensive interview to Kerrang! and talked about Evanescence’s upcoming album and what she desires the most during the difficult days of the pandemic. As you may recall, Lee had said in previous interviews that the songs featured in their new album are all derived from personal experiences and traumas but as it turns out, one of them was inspired by the love of their fans.

In the interview, Amy Lee said that the song ‘Broken Pieces Shine’ is an anthem that they wrote for their fans and that since the beginning of its writing process, she always visualized Evanescence on stage, singing the song accompanied by the voices of their fans, enjoying that moment of unity.

She said that the song’s lyrics talk about falling apart and understanding the ‘flaws’ within ourselves. It demonstrates how these flaws need to be understood as things that make us who we are and should be embraced so that they can become our superpowers. Amy Lee went on to say that our flaws are what make us different and unique and that’s why she wants to spread this message through this song.

Here’s what Amy Lee said in the interview:

I seeBroken Pieces Shineas an anthem for us and our fans. From the beginning, I visualized us onstage in that ​’together moment.’ It’s about letting yourself fall apart, letting those flaws become the things that we not only accept about ourselves but also embrace. To be your true self rather than holding it in is truly freeing.

We have things about us that we may see as flaws, but just change your perspective a little bit – our flaws can be our superpowers. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us unique.”

Click here for the source and while waiting for the album, you can listen to ‘Better Without You’ below.