Sons of Apollo bassist Billy Sheehan recently spoke to BBC Radio and reflected his ideas about the AC/DC album named ‘If You Want Blood You’ve Got It .’ He also revealed what he thinks about the musicians who don’t like AC/DC.

As you probably know, AC/DC released their first and only live album featuring their late lead vocalist Bon Scott, ‘If You Want Blood You’ve Got It,’ on October 13, 1978. The album got very positive reviews from both the critics and fans and was named one of the best live albums.

Along with the fans and critics who appreciated the greatness of the album, Billy Sheehan also recalled the time when he first listened to AC/DC’s ‘If You Want Blood You’ve Got It’ and revealed his admiration for the album. He stated that he became a huge AC/DC fan after he listened to the album.

In addition to opening up about how he became an AC/DC fan, Sheehan highlighted that most of the musicians that he knew and played with have been also fans of the band for a long time. Thus, according to the Sons of Apollo bassist, AC/DC being appreciated by almost every artist in the music industry is a great thing, and the band deserves even more due to their legendary works.

Sheehan stated in his interview that:

“The album that turned me on to AC/DC was ‘If You Want Blood, You Got It,’ their live record, and I remember hearing the crowd just roaring, ‘Angus, Angus!’ I always loved live records.

When I heard the AC/DC live record, it just grabbed me completely and I fell in love with that band, with their songs, with Bon Scott, later with Brian Johnson.

And I don’t know too many musicians who are not AC/DC fans, they’re just so great, it’s so wonderful.”

You can listen to the interview below.