Yesterday, we published an article about how The Beatles legend, John Lennon told a story in front of the cameras and mimicked the story greatly.

Today, John Lennon’s official and verified Instagram account posted a new photo and revealed the original manuscript of the story named The Wrestling Dog.

Here is what’s written on the caption and the story:

One upon a tom in a far off distant land far across the sea miles away from anyway over the hills as the crow barks 39 people lived miles away from anywhere on a little island on a distant land.⠀

When harvest time came along all the people celebrated with a mighty feast and dancing and that. It was Perry’s (for Perry was the Loud Mayor) job to provide (and Perry’s great pleasure I might add) a new and exciting (and it usually was) thrill and spectaculer performer (sometimes a dwarf was used), this year Perry had surpassed himselve by getting a Wrestling Dog! But who would fight this wondrous beast? I wouldn’t for a kick off.”

You can see that rare memorial right below.