Queen legend Freddie Mercury’s late boyfriend Jim Hutton’s little-known interview with Evening Standard has been revealed. Jim Huttson admitted that ‘maybe’ he gave him AIDS somehow.

Jim also revealed if Freddie was an addict to cocaine or not.

Here is his statement:

“Freddie was slight and not the sort of man I found attractive. When he got the urge for sex, there was no stopping him. The night before Valentine’s Day, we had a big fight – I don’t know why – and he was giving me the silent treatment. I got him three dozen blue moon roses.

I took them to him in bed where he was with his cup of tea and two doughnuts – one for him and one for his cat, Delilah. He just grunted. Freddie was sensitive, shy, had terrible mood swings and wanted his own way. I’m quiet and don’t have much of a character unless you pour a few gallons of beer down me.”

He also mentioned about Live Aid:

“To see Freddie up there controlling that crowd … Tears welled up and the hairs on my neck stood on end.’ Did they ever actually marry? ‘Good God no. We weren’t that daft. Freddie dealt with his fame simply. He’d give an audience his all and afterwards he’d usually go straight home and sit in front of the television. And we never discussed anything that had gone on before we met. Not previous boyfriends, childhood, nothing.”

Here is his statement about Freddie’s cocaine addiction:

“He wasn’t snorting cocaine every night. He’d have gone bankrupt if he had.

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