In a recent interview with Rock 100.5 The KATT, In Flames singer Anders Friden has shared the new updates about their upcoming album.

He explained that what fans should expect from new In Flames album. He said:

“I’m happy that people are excited, of course. Personally, I don’t like these hype things where they say, ‘Oh, they’re back again,’ or, ‘It’s this again,’ and then they get the full album and [are], like, ‘Oh, fuck. It’s not…’ ‘Cause we never do the same album twice; we always take things forward.

But I think this one is a little bit more guitar-oriented and slightly heavier… Don’t take ‘heavier’ for grant… But it has a different feel to it.

I’m super happy. It’s everything that we are: it’s melodic; it’s aggressive, it’s big — big choruses. And I hope people like it.

If you’re familiar with In Flames, as a band, as we are today and have been for awhile, then I don’t think you’re gonna get disappointed.”

In Flames’ latest album “Battles” was released on November 11, 2016.

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