Andreas Kisser, the guitarist of Sepultura talked on Jackson Guitars USA’s YouTube channel about the first time he played the guitar and what song he chose to play.

Sepultura released their last album ‘Quadra‘ on February 7, 2020. The album featured 12 tracks and is known to be one of their best records ever. During a recent interview, Kisser talked about his past revealing how he started his guitar journey which helped him become a member of a very successful band.

Coming from a musical family, Kisser explains how he was exposed to music because his parents listened to ‘a lot of different music.’ As he continued, he stated that he first started playing his grandmother’s acoustic guitar.

Initially, he started with learning basic chords and moved on to playing Brazilian popular music. Having the love of rock music inside, his mother bought him his first guitar. He then continued to explain how he learned to play music by listening and trying to ‘train’ his ear.

Kisser explains his first experience with a guitar stating:

“My mom and dad were always very musical. Not playing instruments but listening to a lot of different music and my grandma actually had an acoustic guitar.

My first action was watching my grandma playing, you know, like the major chords and stuff like that, and with her guitar I started playing music, with the teacher which was her neighbor.

My first goal was to try to learn ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ That was my goal when I went to the teacher. But she went, of course, through the first steps learning the basic chords. I learned some Brazilian popular music and stuff but because I wanted to play rock, I didn’t want to play popular Brazilian music.”

He went on to further talk about his first guitar stating:

“Because I wanted to play rock, my mom bought my first guitar which was a Brazilian brand which was a decent guitar, tuned well and everything. Listening to the albums, that’s where I really train my ear.

After that, the Sepultura guitarist explained his first experiences with playing the guitar and talked about his first rock songs and the albums he listened to. He revealed that the first song he fully learned was Judas Priest’s ‘Grinder’ and continued by commenting on their albums.

The guitarist stated:

“The first song that I really managed to listen to an album and transpose to a guitar was ‘Grinder’ from Judas Priest.

He continued:

“That album, ‘British Steel’, it’s a very simple album, let’s say, guitar-wise. It’s a great school. It’s a great first step into the world of metal: ‘Breaking The Law’, ‘Living After Midnight’, ‘Metal Gods’ and, of course, ‘Grinder’. It’s very simple stuff, very simple riffing, and very effective. So I started there.”

Andreas Kisser revealed his story and showed his fans that starting little by little can lead to great things if you love what you are working on. His desire to play rock music allowed him to begin playing rock as soon as he could and today, he is blessing his fans with Sepultura.

You can watch the full interview below.