Andreas Kisser answered the questions about Sepultura posed in an interview with Sobe La Dosis. Kisser reflected on Sepultura’s massive influence on the music industry, especially on the heavy metal scene.

Sepultura has made a significant impact on the music industry since the beginning of its career in 1984. They have always been trying to experience the new with their music. For instance, their sixth album, ‘Roots, was considered a change in their music because they tried a combination of tribal music and heavy metal.

In an interview made in 2021, Andreas Kisser explained his opinions about heavy metal growing in time. According to him, this genre’s fans are the most faithful globally. Kisser indicated that Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax were attracting so many people to this genre.

During a recent interview, Andreas Kisser mentioned that although many years have passed since the band’s founding, Sepultura’s permanency in the music industry was honorable for him. According to Kisser, the Brazilian influences they use in their music put them in a different place from other bands in the genre of heavy metal. He added that he felt content when new musicians mentioned Sepultura as an inspiration for them.

Kisser talked about Sepultura’s impact on heavy metal in the interview:

“Yeah, I feel very proud that Sepultura, after almost 40 years. We’re at 37 years now of a career is still relevant. People talk about our old stuff, our new stuff. We have a very rich history with some changes in lineups and characteristics in music, using the Brazilian influence of our music — percussion et cetera — which put Sepultura in a different place compared to other bands, especially outside Brazil.

So, yeah, it’s cool that we created something new in the business, on the scene, on the heavy music scene. So it’s great that many, many bands mention Sepultura as an influence for them to start a career or start writing music. And that’s very fantastic; it’s amazing.”

You can watch the entire video below.