Guitar virtuoso Michael Angelo Batio talked in an interview with Heavy Metal and Booze and explained his thoughts about early years of rock n’ roll.

He said that eary rock songs were amazing and you can’t write a better song than Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heavey’, AC/DC songs or The Beatles songs.

Here’s the statement:

“My goal as a teacher of rock guitar – I never felt the caliber of rock playing, on a technical level, was as good as jazz, was as good as classical music… I never felt the early rock-guitar players were that good technically. That doesn’t mean they’re not amazing sonically and that they didn’t write great songs, but my goal was to raise that technical level.

Because if you think of orchestral music, Mozart’s compositions, Mozart’s skill level as a musician, or jazz, jazz composition, jazz skill, or you take country music – you have country artists and their skill level for playing bluegrass which is like, the super-fast version of jazz. Their skill level matches the quality of the music.

When you think of rock songs, the early rock songs were amazing. I mean, how do you out-write The Beatles? How do you write a better song than ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or AC/DC? But, I felt the plane was not as ripped as those other genres, and in the ’80s we changed all that.”

On how he started to learn playing guitar, he said:

“I started playing guitar at 10 years old. I played piano at five, guitar at 10 – my teacher was a jazz guitarist.

I didn’t even really like rock music at first. I liked jazz chords more – they were just nicer-sounding and harder to play. But then I realized – even a 10 years old – not a lot of girls like jazz – I would play a couple songs and the girls were like, ‘Yeah, no.’ Even my sister.

Then I learned a rock song, played it, and everybody loved it. So I said, ‘Well, rock’s got the energy, I love doing it, and it’s the music of my generation, so let’s go for it.'”

You can watch the entire interview from below. If you want to read it, click here.