AC/DC‘s lead guitarist Angus Young and the lead singer Brian Johnson talked about their upcoming album ‘PWR/UP’ and the band’s secret for keep on performing for so many years during an interview with Good Morning Football. 

Angus Young was only 18 when he and his older brother, Malcolm Young, formed AC/DC back in 1973. Since then, Young has been working as the lead guitarist of the band for nearly five decades and released numerous albums and songs throughout the years, and AC/DC became one of the famous crews in the world.

Brian Johnson has been working as the lead singer of AC/DC since 1980 after Bon Scott passed away. Although Johnson has been struggling with hearing problems since Rock or Bust World Tour in 2016, he is back for the upcoming album ‘PWR/UP’ and now has been successfully working with the band for four decades.

During a recent interview with Good Morning Football, both Young and Johnson talked about their key to success since they have been rocking the world for so many decades. The two revealed their secret and it is only enjoyment they get from their work, and they stated that one should love what they do.

Here is what Young said about their success:

It’s enjoying it! I still get a big kick out of doing something, especially when you are in the studio. I get the joy of watching everything come to life, and I enjoy being on a stage, performing as a band.

We’ve struck a chord all around the world, we’ve got a big connection with a lot of fans all around the world, and that’s part of the magic.”

Here is what Johnson added:

Angus is dead-right – it’s because you enjoy it. It’s enjoyment! If you love what you’re doing whether it be sport or music, I think it’s great if you can keep that going through as you get older. And it’s still there, and there’s still that magic there for you. I think you’re a lucky man.”

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