Two of the legends of AC/DC, Angus Young and Brian Johnson, spoke in a recent interview with Loudersound and shared their thoughts about the songs from their latest album, Power Up.

Power Up is the seventeenth studio album of the legendary rock band, and it released back in November 2020. Also, it was recorded in honor of the late guitarist and co-founder of the band, Malcolm Young, according to his brother Angus.

When asked, Angus Young revealed his favorite song of their newest album and said that he likes the opener song of the album the most, Realize. However, he did not mention the songs such as Rejection, Wild Reputation, and more.

On the other hand, Brian Johnson refused to give an answer to this question because he would be changing his mind the next day if he picks one favorite song. In this way, he showed how a great album they made.

Here is what Angus Young said:

“I really like the opening track a lot, Realize. But I like them all – Rejection, Shot In The Dark, Wild Reputation, Demon’s Fire… and Money Shot is a big song.”

Brian Johnson said:

“No! Don’t ask me that. It’s like trying to pick your favorite Beatles song. It ain’t gonna happen.

And if I pick one I’ll only change my mind tomorrow. The first thing I said to Angus when I got a copy of the album was: ‘Jeez, I do not envy the man who’s got to pick a single from this lot.’”

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