AC/DC icon Angus Young cleared the air about the legendary song of the band ‘She’s Got Balls,’ by speaking in a recent interview with Total Guitar and revealed the truth behind the song.

In the conversation, Angus shared his thoughts about AC/DC’s late frontman Bon Scott and praised the talent of him besides his vocals. Angus stated that Bon could capable of making a conjure story from anything.

To prove it, Angus revealed that Bon actually wrote the ‘She’s Got Balls’ song for his ex-wife and clarified one of the most controversial myths about the band. Also, Angus said that Bon also wrote ‘Problem Child’ for himself, even though he is not the guy that is described in the song.

Interviewer said:

“Malcolm said that it was Bon’s voice, and his witty lyrics, that gave the band its ‘flavor.'”

Angus Young replied:

“Bon called himself a ‘toilet wall graffitist.’ He was full of compliments about himself! But he could conjure a story from anything.

‘She’s Got Balls’ was about his first wife. And he did say he wrote ‘Problem Child’ for me, but you know, I never owned a knife like it says in the song.

My dad took my knife off me when I was four. Just having a guitar was bad enough, I suppose. But yeah, Bon summed me up in two words!”

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