In an interview with Rock FM, AC/DC‘s iconic guitarist Angus Young talked about the band’s upcoming album, ‘PWR/UP,’ and revealed the reason why he decided not to use his late brother Malcolm Young‘s guitar tracks within the album.

As you may remember, Malcolm Young, who was the co-founder, rhythm guitarist, and backing vocalist of AC/DC, was diagnosed with dementia and admitted to a nursing home in 2014. Young died from the effects of dementia on November 18, 2017, at the age of 64.

The surviving members of the band have been getting ready to release the new AC/DC album named, ‘Power Up,’ which is due to November 13, 2020. The first single from the much-anticipated album, ‘Shot in the Dark,’ has been already released.

Recently, Angus Young joined an interview with Rock FM and answered questions about the new AC/DC album. During the conversation, Angus shared details about one of the most wondered issues related to the participation of his late brother and bandmate Malcolm Young within the album.

Previously, it was announced that Malcolm Young would be featured as the co-writer on each of the 12 songs of ‘PWR/UP.’ The fans were expecting to hear the guitar tracks recorded while Young was still alive within the new album.

However, Angus mentioned that he deliberately chose not to do that and revealed the reason why by stating:

“I know a lot of people have been saying, ‘Did Malcolm actually play? Is it his instrument on the new album?’ I chose not to do that because I felt Malcolm himself wouldn’t like me trying to splice his guitar work.

Malcolm and myself – a lot of what we had done through the years, we’d make notes with the tracks; some might be a little bit rough here and there. And I polished them up.

In other cases, Malcolm might have done just a small bit and then I would do the next verse. The bulk of the contribution of Mal is mainly musical.

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