AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young replied to the allegations about AC/DC’s new album ‘PWR/UP’ sounding the same as every other record of the band during an appearance on The Project. Young stated that their point is no to reinvent the wheel since they already have a voice.

As you may know, AC/DC recently released their 17th studio album titled ‘PWR/UP’ on November 13. The album debuted number one on the Billboard 200 chart in addition to its number one on ARIA Charts in Australia, and number one on the UK Albums Charts.

The album gained huge commercial success and fans are thrilled to listen to AC/DC’s new album after 6 years since their ‘Rock or Bust’ album released back on November 28, 2014.

However, some fans and critics stressed the fact that the sound of the songs in the ‘PWR/UP’ sound similar to the other songs in the previous albums. In addition to this, fans have been stating the similarity between all the other albums throughout the years.

During a recent interview, Angus Young opened up about the allegations and revealed that his deceased brother Malcolm Young used to say the same thing to him. Young also stated that AC/DC has its own voice that doesn’t need to be changed.

Here is what Young said:

“With us, it’s to be expected. As my brother, Malcolm Young used to say when somebody said, ‘Every album you’ve ever made sounds the same…

He said, ‘Yeah. It’s the same band.’ When we started, we weren’t reinventing the wheel. This is what we do best – we make rock ‘n’ roll.”

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