In a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, AC/DC’s co-founder and lead guitarist Angus Young talked about his relationship with Eddie Van Halen and reminisced about the last time he met him while sharing details about the worst part of that particular day.

As you probably know, the guitar legend Eddie Van Halen passed away on the 6th of October this year after battling throat cancer for almost six years and his death has been sorrowful for his family, friends, fans, and the rock world in general.

Recently, Angus Young shared details about his relationship with Eddie and talked about the last time they met which was back in 2000. In the interview he joined, Young said that the last time he saw him, Eddie was wearing his big smile and was happy to see Angus and especially Malcolm who he loved very much.

He said that the last time he saw him was in 2000 when AC/DC played in San Bernardino in California. He recalls that day as a happy reunion but a sad one at the same time since it was both the day that they met after years and the day that Angus found out that Eddie’s throat cancer had come back.

Young remembers how sad he had felt and how internally he always hoped that Eddie would have gotten through it after the first treatment and cancer would never come back. However, Angus also didn’t know that that day would be the last time he saw Eddie.

Here’s what Angus Young said about the last time he saw Eddie:

He was the exact same as when I’d last seen him. Big smile; big hug, very happy to see me, super happy to see Mal, he loved Mal, had a very tight bond with Mal. The saddest part was hearing when his throat cancer had come back. You still hope that he would have gotten through that. So it was a big loss for everyone. In the musical world, yes, and obviously for his family and anyone that was close to him.”

He continued by saying:

“The guy was a wizard on the guitar. He had his own unique style. You can see why he influenced so many people that came along… I’ll always remember him with that big smile. He always brightened up the room.”

Furthermore, Angus refers to Eddie’s death as a great loss for his family, fans, and the rock world. He said that Eddie ‘was a wizard on the guitar’ and that it is obvious why he has inspired so many people. However, the most important quality was probably his niceness and goodwill. Angus says that he will always remember Eddie as the guy who would always brighten every room he walked in, which brings us to how Angus and Eddie met.

Even though AC/DC and Van Halen had appeared in shows on the same day before, they never got the chance to meet each other until 1984. Angus said that he finally met Eddie in ’84 when they were co-headlining the Monsters of Rock, in England.

Angus remembers that even though they hadn’t officially met before, the first thing that Eddie did was to embrace him, give him a big smile and start chatting to him. It seems like their first and the last meeting were very similar.

Here’s what Angus said about that day:

“He was just happy to see me. He gave me a big hug, all excited, and the one thing I remember is that he had this big smile from ear to ear, this big grin. He talked a lot. Faster than how I talk. He was just excited we were on the same shows.”

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