Angus Young, the co-founder and iconic lead guitarist of AC/DC, has unveiled the process of how he got the gang back together for their spectacular 2020 comeback with their upcoming album, ‘Power Up.’

During the recent conversation he made on the Triple M, Angus Young has talked about the greatest gift he gave to the rock and metal communities this year, the great reunion of AC/DC 6 years after their last studio album, ‘Rock or Bust.’

As you know, on 28 September 2020, AC/DC updated their social media accounts with a short video clip depicting an illumination of neon light in the shape of the band’s lightning bolt logo. This led to speculation that they were preparing to announce its comeback.

On the next day, the band’s official website was updated with an AC/DC online store and a ‘Power Up’ e-mail sign-up. On 30 September 2020, the phenomenal band officially confirmed the return of Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams, alongside Angus and Stevie Young, reuniting the ‘Rock or Bust’ recording line-up.

Soon after, on 7 October 2020, the band confirmed the upcoming release on 13 November 2020 of their new studio album, ‘Power Up,’ and released the first single taken from it, ‘Shot in the Dark.’

Has been giving interviews to a wide range of sources since the official announcement, Angus Young has recently opened up about how they came back despite Johnson’s hearing loss and all the ongoing difficulties.

Young said that Brian had kept them informed. He’d been working with a specialist in the US about his illness and he was always letting them know that he was having a lot of great results with these people he was working with.

Angus Young also mentioned his other bandmates and revealed that Cliff Williams, as well as Phil Rudd, accepted to return as soon as he contacted them. When it came to his nephew Stevie Young, he was already there, doing Malcolm Young’s role, Angus said.

Here’s what Angus Young said during the conversation when he was asked how difficult it was to get the band back together:

Brian had kept us informed, he’d been working with a specialist – hearing people – in the US. And he was always letting us know that he was having a lot of great results with these people he was working with.

And so he was going through and testing it in different environments – he was happy about the way the new technology that they had put together for him, he was happy and really eager.”

He continued:

“I didn’t have to ask him twice to be there, to do this album. And Cliff had said to me at the end of the last tour that we had [that he was retiring]… I said, ‘Do you want me to contact you if I’m gonna do anything?’ And he said, ‘Yeah. Contact me.’

And I said, ‘And you can see then if you wanna do it or not do it. There’ll be no pressure.’ So we contacted him, and he was, ‘Yeah. I’m on board.’

And Phil, I’d talked to Phil and also seen him a few times. And he was in great shape. But he himself was ready. He said, ‘Yeah, I’ll be there with bells on.’

And then of course, my nephew [Stevie], doing Mal’s [Malcolm Young] role. Everyone was excited about doing it. So that was pretty easy to put together.”

You can check out the rest of the interview here and listen to the latest AC/DC song, ‘Shot In The Dark,’ below.