Angus Young, the co-founder, lead guitarist, and songwriter of AC/DC, opened up about the band members’ aim when it comes to the concepts of their songs during a recent interview with ‘The Angi Taylor Show’ and it happens to be recognized by fans as a signature AC/DC song.

As you may remember, after six years of a break since the band’s Rock or Bust album, AC/DC finally revealed the long-awaited new album named ‘PWR/UP’ consists of 12 new songs which will be released on November 13.

‘Shot In The Dark’ is the first single from AC/DC‘s long-awaited comeback album ‘PWR/UP,’ and the band’s first single released in 5 years. The song was released on October 7 and saved AC/DC fans from the thirst for the new music.

During a recent podcast, when Angus Young asked about the sound of ‘Shot In The Dark’ and the original AC/DC taste the song naturally has, he stated that the band’s purpose when they create a song is to make sure the fans notice each song when they hear it and recognize them as AC/DC songs.

Here is what Angus said:

“That’s what we aim for. We always aim to get tracks that are powerful. Then whoever hears it, we want them instantly to recognize it’s AC/DC and no one else. So if you add all the elements together — especially also with the guitars; the guitars are very much upfront; we’re very much a guitar band.

Especially, also, if you’re just a radio listener, that’s the first thing you want it to do — you want an AC/DC track to cut right through and everyone can recognize straight away this is AC/DC… Even when we’re writing, putting new songs together and creating, that was always the purpose — they had to immediately have that AC/DC sound that jumps out at you.”

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