The co-founder, lead guitarist, and songwriter of the iconic band AC/DC, Angus Young revealed their new album PWR/UP‘s story of name during an appearance on Planet Radio and it turned out that it came from the band members’ union.

After six years of a break since the band’s Rock or Bust album, AC/DC finally revealed a new album named ‘PWR/UP’ will be released on 13 November. While fans cannot wait to listen to the upcoming album, the album offers them 12 fresh new songs.

The members of the band also are all thrilled to be back since vocalist Brian Johnson is back after his struggle with hearing loss, drummer Phil Rudd after being replaced during the previous tour due to legal problems, and bassist Cliff Williams is also back to AC/DC.

During a recent interview with Planet Radio, Angus Young was asked about the new album title, PWR/UP, and Young stated that the name came from the power they had when they started to work together and the band is also related o electricity and power as well.

Here is what Young said about the album:

“Well, a good old something to sum up what AC/DC always was about, which was power – that was the name – AC/DC, so electrical power, so yeah, I thought it would be a great title, nice and positive.

It’s exactly what Brian said, when we get together that’s what we do, we power up.

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