During a recent interview with Triple M, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young talked about their much-anticipated new album, titled ‘PWR/UP,’ and revealed how they ended up finding this name for the title.

In the conversation, Angus Young mentioned the meaning that AC/DC represents comes from the energy that the band members created. He also said that they always looked at themselves as the electrical power that brings people energy.

Moreover, Young pointed out that he thought about this word in a more positive way and came up with the idea of power-up. He explained this specific word by saying that whenever they get on the stage and plug their guitars, everything powers up.

Right now, the ‘PWR/UP’ album reached the number one spot on Billboard 200, UK Albums, and in over 21 countries. Also, the album is considered as a tribute to the band’s late guitarist and co-founder Malcolm Young.

Here is what Angus Young said:

“I went through everything – like titles in songs. In the ‘PWR/UP’ opening song ‘Realize,’ there’s the line, ‘I’ve got the power to mesmerize.’ The word ‘power’… It goes back to the name AC/DC.

We always looked at ourselves like that of power, electric power. So I just wanted another, if you could say, ‘OK, what could you call AC/DC?’, and you say, ‘They’re power.’

And I just thought something positive – power up. When we get on a stage, we plug in the guitars, and everything powers up when we’re out there.”

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