The co-founder and lead guitarist of AC/DC, Angus Young has reminisced about the first time he and his late brother, Malcolm Young, met The Rolling Stones icons, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, and ended up playing together.

During his latest chat on Talk Is Jericho, AC/DC legend Angus Young has recalled the good old days when they were touring in their hometown, Australia. He remembered that one day when he and Malcolm were sitting in a little studio, the stage-manager called them up to say that The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards wants to meet.

Thereafter, he and his brother went down that night to see The Rolling Stones guys, Angus said. Never met Richards before, both Angus and Malcolm thought that he is quite a funny man. Angus explained that Keith was all excited to see them and immediately invited AC/DC to go on the stage with The Stones.

Young revealed that Richards asked for some guitars from Ronnie Wood for Angus and Malcolm to play and they all ended up performing the classic blues song, ‘Rock Me Baby,’ by Lil’ Son Jackson that day.

Here’s what Angus Young said during the interview:

The Stones had been in Australia and it was during the day, and me and Malcolm were doing what we always did – we were sitting there in his little studio, hammering away, trying to get tunes together.

And there was a stage-manager guy who calls us up – who was doing their tour. And he said, ‘Keith wants you to come down‘ – because they were rehearsing. And Malcolm said, ‘Yeah, well, let them rehearse.’ ‘What time were they playing?’…

And anyhow, he said, ‘We’ll go down.’ So me and him went down that night and we got there, he took us in, and I never met Keith before, and Mal had never met him before.”

He continued:

“He was all excited to see us, and he is Keith – he is very funny. If you see him and Jagger, they’re almost parodies. They are who you think they are; that’s how they naturally are. What happened was, me and Mal said, ‘We’ll let you get ready.’

And we were just sitting on a couple of flight cases, and Keith came out, he walks over and he goes, ‘We’ll get you on. We’ll get you a couple of guitars. Ronnie, give the guys some guitars.’

And he says, ‘Rock Me Baby,’ we’ll get our guy to come and get you. It’s easy, you’ll pick it up.’ So that’s how we ended up getting on stage with them, and I think they filmed it.”

Check out the rest of the conversation here and the performance of AC/DC with The Rolling Stones below.