Angus Young, the co-founder and lead guitarist of the iconic band AC/DC, opened up about the time when Axl Rose, the lead vocalists of Guns N’ Roses, covered the spot of the lead vocalist Brian Johnson when he had hearing problems during ‘Rock or Bust’ tour.

As you might remember, in March 2016, Brian Johnson, the third frontman of AC/DC, was forced to step down from touring on the ‘Rock or Bust World Tour’ due to hearing issues. Johnson was recommended to stop touring immediately by his doctors, otherwise, a total hearing loss was on the table.

After Johnson’s departure, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose completed the remaining shows of ‘Rock or Bust World Tour’ after AC/DC announced that he would be joining them and perform as the lead singer. Rose stepped in and pretty much saved the rest of the tour for AC/DC fans and members.

During a recent interview with Rock FM, Angus Young opened up about the time when Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Roses covered the rest of the ‘Rock or Bust’ tour voluntarily. Young expressed his appreciation and gratitude for Rose helping AC/DC to complete the rest of their world tour.

Here is what Young said:

“On our last tour, when Brian had his hearing problem – with the deafness in his ears – we had some dates and shows that we were committed to doing. And it was a case of, ‘We’ll get through those shows. But how do we go about that?’

And Axl Rose, he said to us – if he could help us in any way finish those commitments and if it didn’t interfere with what his own project was, he would help us get through that.

So with Axl, he participated in helping us get through that tour, and that’s something we’ll always be grateful for ’cause he’d done a really good job. Everyone appreciates that he did that.”

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