AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young revealed his opinion about the most regrettable AC/DC song of all time during a recent interview and apparently, he does not even remember the lyrics of the song named ‘Love Song.’

As you may know, AC/DC has a career spans over nearly 5 decades, and they released 18 studio albums nearly all of which are iconic albums such as ‘Highway To Hell,’ ‘Back In Black,’ and ‘High Voltage.’ In addition to their countless albums, the band toured 21 times total including world tours like the recent one, ‘Rock or Bust World Tour.’

Since AC/DC produced so much music and performed on different occasions, fans inevitably have their own favorite album, tour, or track. However, when there is a favorite, there is always a ‘hated’ or ‘least liked’ of those things according to fans.

This time, Angus Young revealed his least favorite AC/DC song during an interview with Vulture, and apparently, it’s ‘Love Song’ from their debut album named ‘High Voltage.’ According to Young, the song was made only for the sake of popularity and it did not reflect the spirit of AC/DC.

In addition to this, Young revealed that he does not even remember the words of the song ‘Love Song.’ Apparently, right when the song created, he realized that he was not a huge fan of it.

Here is what Angus Young stated about his least favorite AC/DC song:

“On our first album, ‘High Voltage,’ we did a love song called ‘Love Song.’ That was very different for us. I didn’t know if we were trying to parody love songs of the time, because Bon wrote the lyrics. I don’t even remember what the words are.

I remember that song because the guy who worked for us at our record label told us that’s what was on the local radio at the time, very soft music. He thought we should release that song because it’ll probably get some airplay. I remember thinking, ‘Who in their right mind would want this to go out?

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