AC/DC guitarist Angus Young was the latest interview guest of Paste Magazine’s Josh Cheuse and talked about their latest album ‘PWR/UP’ and how did they decide to reunite with Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams, and Brian Johnson to record a new album after 6 years.

As you might follow up, PWR/UP was released back in November and it was the 17th studio album of the legendary Australian band AC/DC. The album featured 12 never-listened-before songs and sold over 160K copies in Germany, 62K in the United Kingdom, and 117K in the United States that broke lots of records in a month.

In his latest interview, Angus talked about the success of the album and shared the untold story of his legendary stage outfit. Angus admitted that the idea of wearing schoolboy pants was his sister’s and how Malcolm encouraged him to wear them on stage.

Paste Magazine asked:

“Your sister helped you choose your schoolboy short pants stage outfit, too, right?”

Angus Young responded:

“Yes. And the school suit is what got me noticed. And it was really my sister’s suggestion. And also my brother George- he said, ‘That’d be really cool, Angus! They’ll see you as this little kid up there, and you’ll really attract attention – it’ll be a great gimmick!'”

And then Malcolm said, ‘Yeah, you’ve got to do that.’ And I was more or less locked into it then, like, ‘OK, if this is what I’m gonna do, then I’m gonna do it!'”

You can watch the latest single of AC/DC right below.

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