Angus Young, the co-founder and iconic lead guitarist of AC/DC, has recalled the times when they formed the band with his brother Malcolm Young as he revealed a memory in which he expressed his thoughts on Van Halen.

During the interview he gave to the Total Guitar, Angus Young has talked about the early days of the band while they were performing in some uncanny places and in front of the tough crowds like when they played on the Aussie pub circuit.

Young said that, during these years, when he was at school, there was always a band like Van Halen, with the guy with the long blonde hair wiggling his hips. Slammed Van Halen and suchlike bands, which were highly common back then, Angus said that they couldn’t even hope to do what others did at the places they performed.

The legendary musician Angus Young admitted that their audience was much more critical and harsh on them. He said that if you bust a string during a live show, that was it for them. Young revealed that they played at some places which were like coming out of a horror movie.

Here is what Angus Young said during the conversation:

“Some of the places we played were worse than toilets, let me tell you, and there was that much scrapping going on, you were behind the amps! When I was at school and there was a dance with a band, it was always a band like Van Halen, with the guy with the long blonde hair wiggling his hips.

In the pubs we played in, in front of that hot, sweaty, beer-swilling crowd, you couldn’t even hope to do that. This was the kind of audience you couldn’t even tune your guitar to. If you bust a string, that was it.”

He continued:

“Sometimes you finished with just two strings, because there was no way they were going to put up with a couple of minutes of you fixing the guitar. I remember one night I said to the rest of the band, ‘I’m not going out there.’ The police couldn’t get in the place.

There was some madman running around inside the hall with a meat cleaver, chopping into the people! And the front row was all bikers. I said, ‘They just want blood!’ You looked out and it was just like murderers’ row, and the look on their faces is like, ‘Send us the little guy in the shorts!’”

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