AC/DC guitarist Angus Young was the recent interview guest of Rolling Stone’s and Kory Grow. The legendary star talked about why and how all the songs are credited to him and Malcolm Young and how did he go about writing their latest album Power Up.

As you might already follow up, AC/DC’s seventeenth studio album named Power Up (a.k.a PWR/UP) has been released back in November via Sony Music and Columbia Records. The band released three different singles from the album so far and Power Up has been ranked 44 and 45 in Consequence of Sound and Rolling Stone’s Top 50 Albums of 2020.

In his latest interview, Angus Young shared the story of how the writing process has been done and why AC/DC did not even think about changing the sound of ‘Back in Black’ which was the seventh studio album of the legendary Australian band. According to Angus, they already know the style and this is what they were looking for every time.

Here is what he said about the lyrics:

“A lot of the ideas come from around the time just before [AC/DC’s 2008 LP] Black Ice. When we made that album, we had so much material because we’d had a lot of years off and the two of us had written so many songs.

So I just thought, ‘I’ll concentrate on the ones I knew that he really loved so much and get them out.’ That was the guide I used.”

Angus Young also talked about not changing their style:

“Through the years, Malcolm and myself would come up with our own ideas and then the two of us would sit and go through them and be the critic of each other. There was no use for me ever coming in with song ideas that were not what we thought was AC/DC.

So it wasn’t like we would come in with jazz or blues jams. You came in with what you felt were good ideas that were going to work with AC/DC. So that was always the guide for us.

It’s always been that from the beginning. We know the style. We know what we’re looking for, so when people hear it, they go, ‘Well, that is them. They have their own stamp on who they are.'”

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