During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, AC/DC’s co-founder, lead guitarist, and songwriter, Angus Young, talked about his experience working with Axl Rose and revealed whether they have any plans to create music together.

As you probably know, AC/DC released their 17th studio album ‘Power Up/PWR UP‘ on November 13, 2020, and the album achieved critical acclaim shortly after its release. It ranked Number 1 on Amazon’s Best-Seller list in just a couple of days and then reached Number 1 in almost twenty countries in less than a week.

The album was highly important for AC/DC’s career as it marked the return of frontman Brian Johnson who had to take a step back from touring back in 2016, as he had to deal with his hearing issues and the doctors had warned him that touring could lead to total hearing loss. During that time, Axl Rose contacted the band and offered to fill-in for Brian Johnson.

Here’s what Angus Young said about Axl’s contribution to AC/DC:

“And when Brian got his hearing problem, he was advised he shouldn’t be continuing [touring]. We had a few commitments that we were locked into and I didn’t want to sit in a room full of lawyers and battle [cancellations] out with a lot of people.

So the suggestion was, ‘OK, maybe somebody might be able to fill in and do those dates.’ And Axl Rose contacted us. I’ll be forever grateful to him for doing that. He was very-pro about doing it. He really gave a great performance.”

After his time with the band, Axl Rose had hinted that he was thinking of making music with Angus Young which had excited their fans. However, in his recent interview, Angus Young revealed that they hadn’t talked about working together and that ‘nothing came out solid.’ Angus added that he knows Axl is involved in a lot of things but that he doesn’t even know whether ‘you would say it was music.’

Here’s what Angus Young said in the interview:

“Nothing really came out solid. I know that he has a lot of things he’s involved in. I don’t even know if you would say it was music. But he had a lot of things that he was involved in.”

The interviewer chimed in and said:

“He made it sound like he maybe wanted to write music together, the two of you. That’s why I was curious.”

To which Angus Young responded:

“No, no. That never happened.”

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