Alice In Chains guitarist that also named as one of the most talented guitarists of the modern times, Jerry Cantrell, had a new interview with Gibson and once again, showed his respect for Van Halen legend Eddie Van Halen.

Gibson has asked what did Jerry feels when the first time he met Eddie Van Halen and how he was shocked and amazed when Eddie has just wanted to ask what’s going on with him.

As you might recall that Alice In Chains has joined Van Halen in MTV clip just before they’re about to go on tour with Van Halen in 1991, and their tour has ended in 1992. According to Jerry, he could not focus any of his stage performances during the whole process because of his admiration for Eddie.

However, Eddie has shown how kind and humble guy he is, and he set Jerry’s mind by saying not to worry and reminded him that he will be okay, besides it was not enough to make Jerry have a decent performance.

Let’s hear what he said:

“First time I met Ed Van Halen, I was getting ready to open for his band. He’s standing in my pit, with Valerie [Bertinelli, Eddie’s then-wife] right next to him and Wolfie in her arms.

“He’s got his guitar on, and he’s just playing scales, and he’s like, ‘Hey dude! What’s up?’ I’m like, ‘Fuck! Are you fucking kidding me?”

Later on, Jerry has stated that was one of the worst shows he’s ever done because of feeling nervous just after meeting Eddie…

Here is the rest of the story:

“I was so fucking nervous, so I came over and said hi to him. He’s like, ‘Oh man, you’re gonna be fine!’

And I think it was probably the worst show I ever played in my life because I could not stop thinking, ‘He’s right there.’ I just couldn’t focus, and I couldn’t wait until the gig was over.”

You can check out Alice In Chains and Van Halen’s MTV performance before the tour below.

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