Red Hot Chili Peppers made a small acting scene where they pretended to be news presenters and showed off their impressive acting talents while announcing their upcoming tours.

RHCP announced that they will be going on a world tour starting from June 2022, which made their American and international fans happy. The fans now look forward to seeing John Frusciante, who returned to the band in 2020 after leaving in 2009. The band, however, decided to make something unique with the return of the guitarist and welcomed him on their very own news show as a guest.

All RCHP members wore costumes and changed their faces. Anthony Kiedis, who performed under the name Johnson Hammerswaddle, and Flea, who used the name Todd the Squirrel, became the news anchors. Chad Smith became the weatherman Randy Raindrops, and John Frusciante featured himself as a guest on the show to announce the tour dates.

The plot was very simple, yet, the clip was an absurd comedy. To begin, the news anchors presented nonsense news and moved onto the weather where Chad only stated that it will be hot and continued by saying how hot the hosts of the show are. Afterward, Frusciante joined as his normal self and tried to answer some questions about the tour.

Anthony Kiedis started the news section by welcoming the audience:

“Good Morning, welcome to the KHOT news, I am Johnson Hammerswaddle, this is my colleague Todd the Squirrel. In breaking news, the news is broken. Todd?”

Flea, aka Todd the Squirrel, shared some terrible news before turning to Chad to learn more about the weather:

“Flea: My lord. Well, half of humanity will boil alive by next Thursday. And there’s a new chicken sandwich coming out. And with the weather, Randy Raindrops.

Chad: Thank you, Todd. Guess what’s on California. You’re going to have beautiful sunny weather. And these guys are just so handsome. Amazing. So don’t forget to put your sunscreen on. Back to you fellas.”

Later, Frusciante announced the upcoming world tour in the video:

“Yeah, we’re gonna do a tour starting in June 2022.

Flea and Anthony starts to scream and jump around, so, Chad comes and says:

“I apologize to my colleagues, they’re very excited about this news. This is wonderful. Is it an all-over-the-world tour?”

John then responded to him:

“Yep, all over the world.”

Chad also asked about the US dates of the shows:

“Wow. I’d say I love your type of rock music. It’s wonderful. I listen to it all the time at home with my cats. Hey, are you going to play in the US as well?”

Frusciante replied by saying:

“Yes, the US dates will start from the July of 2022.”

The band proved that they are capable of anything in the performing arts. They are known to have very entertaining onstage shows, and as you may know, they have had a successful musical career with their peaking albums and singles. Yet, this time, they proved that they are good with entertaining people by acting as well. The fans laughed at their performance generally and made remarks about how Chad Smith deserves an Oscar.

You can watch the announcement video below.

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