Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedes talked in an interview with Steve Black. He said that after the musicians became rich and successful, they were hard to write good songs. He said:

It’s always hard to write good songs… The amount of songs that you’ve previously written doesn’t stop you from writing another good song, but changes in your life from becoming successful will definitely get in your way and hinder your progress of making good songs.

That’s my experience; I feel like the further away from streets and struggle and your beginnings you get, the harder it is to make music because life just becomes too easy and soft… Once the struggle’s gone, good luck writing good songs.

I can give you a hundred examples of some of the most beautiful songwriters ever – they get rich and comfortable and successful and let this sort of disappear. Gone are those days when you had to fight for something.”

The first albums that many rock and metal bands make are their favorite albums. In the years to come, many bands with obvious drop in quality. In fact, many bands are waiting for years to make new albums. There is no doubt that they must be saturated with the money.