Anthrax bassist Frank Bello spoke in an interview with Rock Sverige and talked about his new band called “Altitudes & Attitude”. He has revealed his influences as singer and said:

“Dude, I love singers! I love a good rock singer anytime. I grew up on KISS, remember that, so Paul Stanley has always been a big vocal influence. He´s always had that incredible voice. Robin Zander from Cheap Trick… there are so many.

I think Dave Grohl does a great job. I just like ballsy singers. Chris Cornell… all that great stuff. I´m influenced by everybody who sings. Everybody who has the balls to go out there and do it. I´m just learning this stuff. With Anthrax all these years it´s been background, but I´ve done open mics.

I´ve been doing open mics in the city (New York), so I go down there just to try out stuff and that´s me and an acoustic guitar and a microphone. That´s the ultimate challenge and I love that, because it´s raw and it´s you and a microphone, a guitar and the audience. I love that!”

Interviewer asked “what were the first couple of records that you bought with your own money?” and Frank responded:

“Great questions. This is classic rock we’re talking, back in the day. It would go from like Boston to Led Zeppelin and stuff like that. Then we’d go into the KISS years and into Cheap Trick, Van Halen…

All that great stuff as I was growing up in the ’70s is very influential. That was my way of feeling better about what was going on in my life with no dad and all that stuff and a horrible divorce. I felt like that was a really great outlet for me.”

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