Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante shared his opinion about rap and hip-hop music during a recent appearance on Tour Talk.

In the conversation, Charlie pointed out that he experienced rap and hip-hop culture when he was a child because he grew up in the Bronx and mentioned that there were lots of great graffitis around the town.

Furthermore, Charlie praised the beauty of the OutKast band by saying that they were the best out there for him. According to Charlie, the hip-hop industry went down after their departure.

Even though Charlie loved to listen to some hip-hop and rap music in the past, he admitted that he can not listen to any of it now because he thinks that these songs are not meaningful enough.

The interviewer said:

“I loved that era of hip-hop but as a teenager, I was coming up more on A Tribe Called Quest and Biggie Smalls, and that stuff blew my mind, it blew me wide open. And then right on the tail end of that, Outcast.

When stuff started kind of coming out of the south, at one point, Outcast for me was the most creative group across all genres that was pushing boundaries, and using rock music, and using hip hop to create something completely different.”

Charlie Benante replied in the conversation:

“I totally agree with you with Outcast because I felt Outcast took the best of hip-hop, it took the best of rock too, and then put prints in the middle of it, and just made something.

I think Outcast may be, for me, the best, and I know people would be like, ‘What?! Are you crazy?’ But I think after that hip-hop kind of went down…

A lot of the hip-hop stuff that, to me, was the best, wasn’t getting heard or featured in mainstream radio or television, or whatever. And once it finally got heard, it opened the door for the crap of it, to come in and be featured.

So nowadays, I can’t stand it. I can’t even listen to any of it because I think it is not saying anything. It’s very sterile. Same with rock music too.”

In the continuation of the conversation, Charlie revealed that the musicians had different sounds in the past, but right now, almost every song sounds the same, which is a huge problem for the rap music industry.

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